At the NMPS Food Group, we are dedicated to promoting long-term sustainability, providing a lasting legacy for our organisation and stakeholders by ensuring that our actions today are guided by the needs of our environment, our customers, and our community.

We are a business with a conscience, and strive to actively develop and implement meaningful sustainability measures at every level of our organisation.

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Every day we strive to differentiate ourselves through continual improvement in all areas of our business.  We look towards a future with a culture and value system that drives us to operate our business sustainably. These measures focus on:


Our employees are one of our greatest assets and we have a responsibility to provide them with a healthy, safe and supportive workplace. We also strive to make a positive impact on people outside our organisation and we are always looking for new ways to champion social causes.


We recognise that the environment is threatened by challenges on an unprecedented scale. We are conscious of our own carbon footprint from our direct emissions as well as via our supply chain. Therefore, we are focused on identifying solutions that will address our environmental responsibilities including active waste reduction of raw materials, air, water and land.


We have developed wide-reaching networks with recognised and proactive suppliers who share our values of innovation and sustainability. These alliances not only ensure continuous and consistent resources for our production, but ensure that our shared commitment is focused on sustainable actions.

In addition, we work to take the balance of any product and add additional value, reducing waste and cost to support our partners, their consumers, and our greater community.

We know that what we do today will impact tomorrow. Our role is to go beyond the delivery of quality, affordable products to nurture a sustainable future.